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Soldier Found Out His Wife Was Cheating, This Is What He Did.

They say that inside of every story, you can find a love story. They don’t tell you that the love story in question isn’t always romantic. In fact, when love stories involve cheating and divorce, they can get downright nasty — and this is one of those stories that takes it to the next level.

In a series of dramatic twists and turns, this story takes us from the moment a young man and woman meet and fall in love, through their difficult first days of marriage, all the way to the fiery wreckage that was the end of their relationship. It’s certainly not a heartwarming story to read, but it is entertaining (especially when you remember that it didn’t happen to you).

Sit back and prepare yourself to take a journey into love’s darkest, most diabolical nether regions. What happens to the wife at the end will remind you that every decision has consequences, and sometimes risks actually aren’t worth taking.

It’s one of those painful army love stories that we’ve heard before.

After they were introduced by a mutual friend, a man and woman fell in love. They were inseparable for months, but the man was a soldier. Eventually, he got called back for duty.

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