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Stephen Curry Wins Back To Back MVP Awards

Stephen Curry, the Golden State Warriors Superstar point guard just won his second straight NBA leauge MVP award. This is what happens when you average a league leading 30.1 points per game and also lead the league in steals with 2.14 per game.

What is even more impressive then Curry’s individual stats is the fact that his team had the best season record in NBA history! His team went 73-9 beating the previous season best record held by Michael Jordan 1996 Chicago Bulls. Many thought that 72 win mark could never be broken, Curry and his Warriors have carved their way into history!

Stephen Curry’s Journey:

Stephen Curry was was born in Akron, Ohio on March 14th 1988. He played college ball at the University Of Davidson from 2006-2009, wher lead his team in scoring. He then went on to be drafted 7th overall by the Golden State Warriors, in the 2009 NBA Draft. He had a solid rookie season that lead to him to being named to the NBA’s all-rookie first team in 2010. In 2011 he won the NBA Sportsmanship award proving how much class he has. Stephen Curry is a 3 time NBA all-star who lead his team to the 2015 NBA Title.

Stephen Curry’s Inspiration:

Stephen Curry’s father Dell Curry was one of the NBA’s deadliest sharpshooters. He played in the league from 1986 to 2002. Dell started his career with the Utah Jazz then went on to play with the Clevelend Cavaliers, Charlotte Hornets and Milwaukee Bucks. He then ended his career with the Toronto Raptors. Stephen was always around basketball and has worked his entire life to become one of the best players in the NBA.

Many believe Stephen Curry could be the best shooter they have ever seen. One thing is sure, were lucky to see this guy make history!