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The Success of Michael Jordan Shoes

Michael Jordan Shoes have been some of the most popular shoes in the world for a long time now. I remember as a kid looking at those Michael Jordan Shoes on the shelf and wanting a pair. It was like if you had them you were one of the cool kids. Sounds stupid but thats the effect that these shoes have had on society.

The History Of Michael Jordan Shoes:

The Air Jordan is the shoe that was designed by a designer chosen by Michael Jordan. The Air Jordan’s was a Nike product from the line that Nike gave to Jordan.

In 1985 designer Peter Moore was told to design the first Air Jordan shoe. Micheal Jordan was very clear with Moore when he came to him about his design, Jordan told Moore that he wanted his shoe to be completely different from the Nike’s basketball shoes.

Because of how successful the Air Jordan 1 was, it encouraged Nike to release the New Air Jordan’s. Jordan went back to Moore and Bruce Kilgore, to design the Air Jordan ll to make it have that luxury feeling atlas for a shoe.

There was a rumor saying that Jordan is leaving NIKE! Yes that is a lie. It was only recently that we reported that Michael Jordan ranked in more than $90M in the 2013.